Dog Toys

Dog Toys

We have three dogs in our home. Two of them are Jamie’s and the other is Monica’s. Monica’s dog is named Snuggles. When we got him, he was supposed to be trained to become a therapy dog that Monica could take with her to her classroom. We moved here, though, and his training fell by the wayside.

Snuggles (I know, it is a weird name for a boy dog) thinks he is pretty smooth. The dogs have inside toys and outside toys. Snuggles has been known to put one of the inside toys right by the back door. Then, when he is let out, he grabs it and runs outside . . . as if nobody saw what he did.

Of course, I saw what he did. Actually, that is how some of the outside toys became outside toys. If I remember, after the dogs come in, I’ll go outside and find the inside toy and bring it back inside.

Now for the unavoidable question: Why am I telling you this?

How often do we try to be sneaky? We slyly move things to just the right spot and, when we think the coast is clear, we grab it and run!

More often than not, it is not “just an inside toy” that we think nobody saw us sneak outside. More often than not, it is something we know we should not be doing . . . a sin . . . and we think nobody saw us do it. We got away with it. Nobody else knows what we did. Aren’t we sly?

The trouble is that while 9 out of 9 people may never know what we did, there is One who does know. He sees everything we do. He knows every plan we make. We cannot escape from His presence.

In Psalm 139, David acknowledges these aspects of God’s nature. He concludes this psalm: “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!”

May our prayer be the same. May God search us and remove any sin in our heart and may He lead us in His way!

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