Posts from June 2023

Posts from June 2023

Available seats in front of the wall

Space Available

As you drive around town, and even outside of town, if you look closely at many of the strip malls that you come across, you are likely to see a big sign that reads, “Space Available” and then a phone number or website to contact the property manager about the property. Space is available in many of the office buildings around town as well. The building owners know that they need to let people know of the availability of space…
Belogradchik rocks


When we go on vacation, one of the things we like to do is bring home souvenirs as mementos of the places where we have been. They might bring home a t-shirt, or a coffee mug, or a rock . . . something to remember where we went. Perhaps we also pick up souvenirs of things we have accomplished. That rock has a story behind it: you picked it up at the peak of a mountain you climbed. That plaque…