A Cold Head

A Cold Head

For a couple of weeks, I had needed to get a haircut. I looked at the calendar and found a day when time and money would cooperate and I could get a haircut: Saturday, January 13, 2024.

I got up, got dressed, checked in online, and headed to the hair cut place. Despite a “0 minute” wait time, I still had to wait 15 minutes!

If you recall, the latest cold spell began right around that time. My hair, I have been told, is very thick, especially when I need a haircut.

After my haircut, I took one step into the frigid outside air, and I realized just how thick my hair had been. In addition to losing 2 pounds (maybe that is hyperbole), I also had lost a lot of insulation (I am NOT exaggerating here).

If I had thought about it and the weather outside that day and for the next several days, maybe I would have postponed my haircut. Instead, I went ahead and got my haircut and, after I stepped outside, I wanted to go back in and tell them to put it back!

We all, at times, make up our mind that we are going to do something and, well, we do it—regardless of the circumstances. We decide this is what we are going to do, this is how we are going to do it and that is just the way it is.

Perhaps it would do us all good to stop and think about the plans we make. In James 4:15 we are told that when we make our plans, we need to make them with the Lord’s will in mind; that is, acknowledging that God may have something different in mind for us.

Then, in the next verse (James 4:16) James calls failing to consider alternative plans “arrogance” and “evil.” In other words, when we think there is only one way to do something and that one way is our way, we are guilty of sin.

When we become arrogant and believe our way is the only way, we might just find ourselves directly contradicting God. If we do that, we will end up with something far worse than a cold head!

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