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Rigged Game

As I began scrolling through social media, I noticed there were a lot of posts on the championship game of the professional football league here in the United States. A number of them were complaints that one team or the other cheated. Some showed videos that “proved that the NFL is rigged.” One showed a team fumbling the ball and a player trying to pick it up and run with it, as opposed to just falling on the ball to…
Clovers background about a saint patrick's day theme

Green Party

On March 16, Monica and I are excited to host our second annual (for Bell Avenue) Green Party! For review purposes, a Green Party is around St. Patrick’s Day. When you come (from 4:00 PM—6:00 PM) bring something edible to share that is green. If the food is naturally green, that’s OK—not much fun, but OK. If it is not “naturally” green, you just add green food coloring to make it green. This year we are working on a new…
Group of men in a row


While our ladies are welcome to read this article, I specifically want to address the men, the real men, of our congregation. In September, 2011 a movie was released entitled “Courageous.” On Saturday, February 17, 2024 our Iron Sharpens Iron groups are going to embark on a study entitled: “Courageous Living Bible Study.” The study is based on the movie and the ups and downs of fatherhood and manhood as experienced by four law enforcement officers. It is essentially about…
Barber stuff

A Cold Head

For a couple of weeks, I had needed to get a haircut. I looked at the calendar and found a day when time and money would cooperate and I could get a haircut: Saturday, January 13, 2024. I got up, got dressed, checked in online, and headed to the hair cut place. Despite a “0 minute” wait time, I still had to wait 15 minutes! If you recall, the latest cold spell began right around that time. My hair, I…