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He’s My Friend

Chances are, you have a Facebook account, or you know someone who does. Now over 15 years old, the multibillion dollar social media platform was launched as a way to reconnect old friends and acquaintances, and has also been instrumental in forging new relationships. However, despite the fact that over one-third of the world population uses Facebook, many people believe that we are more disconnected now than ever before. That’s because instead of calling our friends to have meaningful conversations,…

The Necessity of Justification

Fish need water to survive. Flowers need sunlight to grow. Cars need a power source to function properly. We understand that all of these statements to be true, and, equally as true, is the fact that humans need justification in order to be right with God. In Romans 3:23 we learn that everyone fails to meet God’s expectations. It began with Eve’s failure in the garden of Eden, but it didn’t stop there. Cain sinned when he killed his brother,…
Traveling child

Adopted in Christ

 We have all seen videos or images of children in orphanages. Some of them have been malnourished while others have been abused physically or emotionally. It breaks our hearts to see these kinds of images and to think that there are many children who are helpless and hurting – children who need love and stability.  In Ezekiel 16 the prophet used some graphic imagery to explain the origin of Israel and how from an early age she was abandoned and…