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The Milkman’s Gift

When Cheryl Prewitt was four years old, she hung around her father’s small grocery store. Almost daily, the milkman would come into the store and greet her with the words, “How’s my little Miss America?” At first she giggled, but eventually she became comfortable with it… and even liked it a little. Soon the milkman’s greeting became a childhood fantasy… then a teenage dream. Finally, it became a goal… and in 1980, she stood on a stage and was crowned……

Mother’s Day

When God made His highest creation From the earth’s cold, lifeless sod, He gave each one a living soul In the image of his God! To some, He gave great wisdom, Let them see the wider view, So when trouble touch His love ones He could share it with them too. Others gave He words of beauty, So when men the truth do seek, He might plant it in their conscience Through the words that he could speak. Yes,…to each…

Full-time Minister Search

The Bell Avenue Church of Christ in Amarillo Texas is seeking a full-time preacher/minister for our congregation of approximately 160 members with a post-Covid attendance of 125.  Live streaming of services is provided. The church is served by four elders, two deacons and a full-time youth minister. The ideal candidate must have pulpit experience and a degree in Bible from a Christian college/university or preaching school.  Messages should include addressing difficult topics and current challenges that impact the daily lives…

The Degradation of America

In the January 24, 1994 edition of Newsweek, the late political commentator, Rush Limbaugh, made the following observation: “Americans seem to require more and more violence, more…degradation and rot to capture their attention. Just look at the so-called ‘talk shows’ of daytime television – the museum of modern American societal decay. We have mothers who sleep with their daughters’ boyfriends, cross-dressing fathers, rape victims who later date their rapists. These are the people held up as your neighbors, your fellow…