While our ladies are welcome to read this article, I specifically want to address the men, the real men, of our congregation.

In September, 2011 a movie was released entitled “Courageous.” On Saturday, February 17, 2024 our Iron Sharpens Iron groups are going to embark on a study entitled: “Courageous Living Bible Study.” The study is based on the movie and the ups and downs of fatherhood and manhood as experienced by four law enforcement officers. It is essentially about taking the final words of Joshua 24:15 to heart, “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

We are going to reorganize our groups on Saturday. It is imperative that if you want to participate that you be here for breakfast at 8:30 AM or let me know that you want to participate before Saturday if you cannot attend.

When our groups meet, there will be a short clip from the movie shown, followed by Scriptures and discussion about living a courageous life.

The topics covered are Courageous Call, Courageous Priorities, Courageous Legacy, and Courageous Faith.

The value for our younger men who still have children at home or have yet to have children is obvious. But what about our older men? Of what value is this study to them?

Do you have grandchildren? Great-grandchildren? This study may help you help them.

Do you know younger men who are struggling with fatherhood? This study will give you some tools to help them.

Do you know younger men who have yet to embark on the adventure that is marriage and fatherhood? Your attendance at these studies and your experience in these endeavors will encourage them to set the highest of standards for their lives.

Following the first study, those who wish may stay and watch the movie in its entirety (the clips watched at the monthly meetings will make more sense if you have seen the movie).

Where are you, men of courage? I’ll see you Saturday.

A Cold Head


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