Posts from April 2023

Posts from April 2023

Save money - gold coins


In Matthew 25:14-30, Jesus tells the familiar “Parable of the Talents.” In a nutshell, a man is planning a trip and, before he leaves, he entrusts some property to his servants. He gives one servant five talents, one two talents, and a third received one talent. Some footnotes say: “a talent was worth more than a thousand dollars.” This, technically, is correct. However, scholars say that a talent was the largest unit of weight, equaling about seventy-five pounds. Others say…
Pile of Worn Tires

Slow leak

A few weeks ago, the tire pressure light came on in our van. The weather had recently turned cold, so I went to a local establishment and had them check the pressure and add some air so the light would be “happy.” They did and the light went off . . . until about two weeks later. The light came on again. I did the same thing, figuring it was just the weather, and the light went off again .…