Posts from August 2023

Posts from August 2023

the gear

Parts of the Body

Would you do me a favor? Pick up your right foot and move it in a clockwise circle (that’s to the right for those who only know digital time). Now, as you are moving your right foot in a clockwise circle, draw a “6” in the air. Your foot changed directions, didn’t it? Try it again, this time really concentrate on your foot NOT changing directions. It still changed directions, didn’t it? Do you know why? It has to do…
Hello August. Text in wooden letters and ears of grass on a yellow background

Welcome August!

Can you believe that it is already August? It feels like the year started only yesterday, and tomorrow it will be 2024! We do, however, have to go through the remaining five months of 2023. Those five months are going to be super exciting for us here at Bell. What is going to make the next five months so exciting? I’m glad you asked! The short answer is YOU! The longer answer is what YOU (and the rest of the…