Rigged Game

Rigged Game

As I began scrolling through social media, I noticed there were a lot of posts on the championship game of the professional football league here in the United States. A number of them were complaints that one team or the other cheated. Some showed videos that “proved that the NFL is rigged.”

One showed a team fumbling the ball and a player trying to pick it up and run with it, as opposed to just falling on the ball to retain possession. The poster imagined a voice inside the player said, “I should just fall on the ball, but that is not what the script says.”

The most prominent clip came from the fourth quarter. There was a play that the TV announcers thought gained enough yards for a first down. The lower right portion of the screen had “1st and 10.” Then, after a short gain on the next play, the TV had “2nd down” before changing it to “1st and 10.” Oddly enough if you watch the clip, on the second play you see the official down marker on the field says 2 (as in second down). The first play did not gain a first down, so it was “2nd and 1.”

I’ve said before, that if you have never suited up and actually refereed a season or more in any sport at any level, you really don’t need to complain about those who do (PSA to parents watching their kids playing).

“The game is rigged” is not a new complaint, though. A long, long time ago in this galaxy in the land of Uz there was a man whose name was Job. Job apparently was a very good man, who loved and served God faithfully.

But Satan who only wanted to hurt God, complained that the “game” was rigged. That Job was only faithful to God because God blessed him.

Satan suggested putting his theory to the test. God allowed it . . . and Job stayed faithful, even when everything was taken from him (including his children).

Life is not rigged. If you are faithful to God, you will be blessed; maybe not in this life, but certainly in the life to come.

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