Poor Parrot

Poor Parrot

Some time ago, an old bachelor decided to purchase a parrot to help cure his loneliness. After careful consideration, he selected a beautiful bird and took him home. The very next day, however, he came back to complain, “That bird doesn’t talk!”

The storeowner asked if had a mirror in its cage, and the man said he did not. “Oh parrots love mirrors,” he explained. “When he sees his reflection in the mirror he’ll start talking right away.” So, he sold him a birdcage mirror.

The bird owner was back the next day to gripe that his parrot still hadn’t said a word. “That’s very peculiar,” said the pet expert. “How about a swing? Birds love little swings and a happy parrot is a talkative parrot.” So the man bought a swing, took it home and installed it in the cage.

But he was back the next day with the same story. “Does he have a ladder to climb?” the salesman asked. “That just has to be the problem. Once he has a ladder he’ll probably talk your ear off!” So the fellow bought a ladder.

The next morning when the pet store opened, the man was at the door. From the look on his face, the pet storeowner knew something was wrong. “Didn’t your parrot like the ladder?” he asked. The poor customer looked up and said, “The parrot died.”

“I’m so sorry,” replied the stunned businessman. “Did he ever say anything?”

“Well, yes, he finally talked just before he died. In a weak little voice he asked, ‘Don’t they sell bird seed at that pet store?'”

The moral of the story is that we live in such a busy world with our own mirrors, swings, and ladders. We fill our days with work, activities, and other distractions but are we feeding ourselves spiritually from God’s Word? If not, then we’ll be just as dead as the poor parrot.


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