Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

When God made His highest creation

From the earth’s cold, lifeless sod,

He gave each one a living soul

In the image of his God!

To some, He gave great wisdom,

Let them see the wider view,

So when trouble touch His love ones

He could share it with them too.

Others gave He words of beauty,

So when men the truth do seek,

He might plant it in their conscience

Through the words that he could speak.

Yes,…to each He gave a talent

To be used on earth below

To improve the world around us

As on through life we go!

But…to each He gave another gift

That outshines any other,

To help us know of joy and love

He gave us each a mother!

Her gentle love will never fail

Through life’s bitter trouble and strife,

And for those she loves the most,

She would gladly give her life!

So hasten to tell her you love her

And help to brighten their way,

Return some of the love she’s given to you,

This year on Mother’s day!


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