He’s My Friend

He’s My Friend

Chances are, you have a Facebook account, or you know someone who does. Now over 15 years old, the multibillion dollar social media platform was launched as a way to reconnect old friends and acquaintances, and has also been instrumental in forging new relationships.

However, despite the fact that over one-third of the world population uses Facebook, many people believe that we are more disconnected now than ever before. That’s because instead of calling our friends to have meaningful conversations, we simply “like” their photos and videos, and send them quick messages. It’s as if we have traded the quality of our relationships for having a higher quantity of friends.

Jesus was not interested in surface-level friendships. He handpicked 12 men to be His closest companions. During His three year ministry, they accompanied the Lord on His many journeys, and watched as He performed healings and other miraculous feats throughout ancient Israel. In return, He fed them both physically and spiritually, stilled their fears, and prepared them to continue His ministry after His departure.

But to say that Jesus prioritized friendships is the ultimate understatement. In John 15:13, He said, “Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends”; and that’s exactly what He did. Although He was sinless (1 Peter 1:19), He sacrificed Himself to give us life through His soul-cleansing blood.

Today, your life may not be required of you, but do you prioritize your friends the way that Jesus did? Make a call, make a visit, change your schedule if you have to – because true friendships aren’t based on who “liked” your post on a social media app. They’re based on who is willing to drop everything to be there for you in your time of need. Be that kind of friend.




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