Welcome August!

Welcome August!

Can you believe that it is already August? It feels like the year started only yesterday, and tomorrow it will be 2024!

We do, however, have to go through the remaining five months of 2023. Those five months are going to be super exciting for us here at Bell.

What is going to make the next five months so exciting? I’m glad you asked!

The short answer is YOU!

The longer answer is what YOU (and the rest of the Bell Avenue family) are going to be involved in during those five months.
Coming up in August, YOU will have the opportunity to serve our community in two specific ways.

First, on August 11 from 4:00 – 6:00 PM we will be feeding the 5,000 again at Avondale Elementary School (OK, maybe 5,000 is an exaggeration . . . but we will serving food to the parents, students, and staff of Avondale that evening). We will also have the opportunity to get to know them and invite them to our services.

Then, on August 19 at 9:00 AM we will be hosting a back to school prayer breakfast. Doug has information about how YOU can help with this outreach to our community; all YOU need to do is ask him.

September through December will also be full of fantastic ways YOU can serve our community and congregation. Other opportunities for some of YOU to, shall we say, serve our congregation on a more “permanent” basis will also be presented.

Why is it so important that YOU serve others? In Matthew 25:31—46, Jesus tells the parable of the sheep and goats. Do you remember what the sheep are told in verse 40? They are told that by serving others, they were really serving Jesus. In verse 45 the goats are told that by not serving others, they did not serve Jesus.

Do YOU want to be a sheep or a goat on the Day of Judgment?