Space Available

Space Available

As you drive around town, and even outside of town, if you look closely at many of the strip malls that you come across, you are likely to see a big sign that reads, “Space Available” and then a phone number or website to contact the property manager about the property. Space is available in many of the office buildings around town as well.

The building owners know that they need to let people know of the availability of space because they do not like to have empty spaces. The building managers want to do all they can to fill the spaces as well because they want the owners happy and the owners are only happy when their buildings are full.

Think of Heaven as one of those buildings. Naturally, God is the owner. He wants His building filled to capacity. He wants to add new buildings to accommodate the new tenants that are want space in His building. Re-read 2 Peter 3:9—God’s will is that “all should reach repentance.”

In order to fill His buildings, God has appointed us to be His building managers. We are to be going out and “beating the bushes” looking for new tenants to fill the spaces that are available in God’s building. Our task is to help others find their space in Heaven.

Before you can help others, though, you must secure your own space in Heaven. Have you? If not, please check with some of the “building managers” here at Bell and inquire about reserving your eternal spot.

Have you ever been driving late at night, exhausted from your journey, and seen an advertisement for a familiar hotel just a few miles away? Have you experienced the heart break of seeing the hotel, only to notice the NO-VACANCY sign illuminated?

The “good news” for today is that Heaven does not have a “NO-VACANCY” sign. For as long as there is a breath in your body, you can reserve your place there. But your life is also your time limit to accept His offer. Don’t delay! Reserve you spot today!