Slow leak

Slow leak

A few weeks ago, the tire pressure light came on in our van. The weather had recently turned cold, so I went to a local establishment and had them check the pressure and add some air so the light would be “happy.” They did and the light went off . . . until about two weeks later. The light came on again.

I did the same thing, figuring it was just the weather, and the light went off again . . . until this past Sunday. After services Sunday morning, we stopped and they added air again, and again the light went off . . . until Wednesday morning.

Given how warm it has been lately, I knew it was not the weather. I took it back to the local establishment and told them what was going on. They wrote me up for a flat repair and said they would let me know if it needed anything else. Given my past experience with this type of issue, I was prepared to be told I needed a new tire . . . until I checked back with them and they said it was being repaired!

It turns out there was a very tiny hole in the front, left tire that was just barely leaking air. The technician said he almost missed it because it was so small, but he found it and patched it.

Often times people “drive” around in their lives “slowly leaking air” from a tiny, tiny hole in their “tires.” Sometimes the leak is so small, nobody else would notice it; but the person does. Their light comes on and they get a little air and presume everything is all right, except that tiny, tiny hole is still leaking air; and soon their light comes on again.

Don’t forget that we are all members of one body and that that body belongs to Christ (Ephesians 5:30). When one member of the body has “a slow leak” every other part of the body should be concerned about it (see 1 Corinthians 12:25, 26). We should not be satisfied with just putting a little air in their tire to get them by. We should want to find the leak, no matter how tiny, and apply the fix.

So, how are your tires?