Our Greatest Treasure

Our Greatest Treasure

Psalm 16 is a psalm every Christian should soak in and let sink deeply into every fiber of our being. Ultimately, Psalm 16 can be summarized in one word – Confidence. But the confidence expressed in Psalm 16 is not personal pride or arrogance; it is confidence in God (cf. John 15:4-5; 2 Corinthians 3:5). God is our treasure! (Matthew 6:21; Colossians 3:11). He is our present trust and future hope. 

Few have understood this as well then this psalm’s writer, David. However, it’s also important to bring out that Psalm 16 also is a Messianic Psalm – verses 8-11 are quoted in both Acts 2:25-28 by Peter and in Acts 13:35-38 by Paul. In both of these passages, Psalm 16:8-11 is applied to David’s greater son, Jesus. They are applied to the One David called, “Lord” (Matthew 22:41-46). The confidence David had in God certainly was great. Surely that’s one of the reasons we recognize him even now as a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14). But David’s greater son Jesus displayed even greater confidence in God as His trust and hope – His greatest Treasure! 

Consider how God is spoken of in this psalm. Yahweh is described as – 

  1. My Protector (Preserver and Refuge) – vs. 1. 
  2. My Lord – vs. 2. 
  3. My Benefactor – vs. 2. 
  4. My Delight – (God and His People) – vs. 3. 
  5. My God – vs. 4. 
  6. My Inheritance – vv. 5-6. 
  7. My Counselor and Instructor – vs. 7. 
  8. My Rock – vv. 8-9. 
  9. My Resurrection – vs. 10. 
  10. My Life and Joy – vs. 11. 

What David seemed to understand so clearly prior to the coming of Jesus is something many of us as Christians today need to appreciate even more! When we do, what seem to be the main issues of life to far too many will have no real negative impact on us. Problems like peer pressure (vv. 2-4), idolatry (vs. 4), the uncertainty of the future (vv. 5-8) and the inescapability of death (vv. 9-11) can all be dealt with in trust and in hope in Him. 

We really need to let the message of Psalm 16 be like a refreshing clear stream in which we immerse ourselves. God IS our trust and hope! 

Stephen LupPlace